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X10 Controllable Wall Outlet
SKU #: X10_SR227
Control you lights or appliances from across the room or the other side of the house with these x10 controllable wall sockets. have the ability to remotely control any electronic devices that you plug in!
$ 15.99
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Slimline Wireless Wall Switch (White)
Have you ever wanted a light switch in a certain location, but didn't want to rip a hole in a wall and connect electrical wires? now x10 has come to the rescue with the all new ultra-slim stick-a-switch wireless wall switch! easy single push-button programming for up to multiple devices! controls lamp and appliance modules throughout the home!
$ 19.99
Thermostat Set-Back Controller
Save big money by scheduling your heat to turn on only for the hours you need it.
$ 19.99
X10 Powerline Transceiver Module
The powerful transceiver module is the backbone for any home automation setup. it allows you to remotely control any household appliance or light that is plugged into an appliance, lamp module, wall switch module or any of our many other lighting and appliances!
$ 12.99
2-Way Powerline Interface
Develop your own x10 compatible products for sale without the cost of ul approval.
$ 29.99
Universal Module
This module uses isolated contacts to control such low voltage devices as sprinkler systems, drapery controls, garage door openers, and yard lighting. it can be set for momentary or sustained contact closure, and has a built in chime.
$ 18.99
Decorator Dimmer Switch
Automate your lights, remotely control them and make them dimmable with these nicely crafted x10 switches!
$ 19.99
Decorator Companion Switch
Requires master switches (ws12a) for operation. will not operate independently. attractive decorative style fits into the interior decor of many of today's homes.
$ 9.99
Wall Switch Module
Upgrade your existing wall switch and have total automation and control indoor and out!
$ 12.99
Wall Switch Module (3-way)
Upgrade your existing 3-way wall switch to a home automation-enabled wall switch. works with normal incandescent lights, like most overhead or ceiling lights (for halogen or fluorescent, use an appliance module). also works with any x10 remote control!
$ 15.99
2-way Appliance Module (2-pin, Polarized)
Now you can know which of your x10-controlled appliances are turned on and which are turned off... automatically. designed for use with x10-compatible computer interfaces and other devices that can generate the x10 status request command, these deluxe 2-way appliance modules are compatible with all x10 products, includingremote controls and more.
$ 32.99
Appliance Module (3-pin, Grounded)
Plug-in modules for controlling appliances such as fans, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, coffee pots, stereos, tv's, etc. controlled by any x10 programmable, wireless, or telephone controller.
$ 13.99
Appliance Module (2-pin, Polarized)
Automate your home! plug-in modules for controlling appliances such as fans, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, coffee pots, stereos, tv's, etc. controlled by any x10 programmable, wireless, or telephone controller
$ 12.99
ActiveHome 6pc Home Automation Kit
Going away on vacation? protect your home and make it look lived-in with activehome. schedule your lighting & appliances from your computer for automated control of your entire home. works great for when yo uare home or when you are away! provides an added sense of safety and security to your home!
$ 49.99
ActiveHome 6pc Home Automation Kit with MouseHouse Software (Mac)
For a long time people have been asking for a mac version of activehome. to satisfy our customers we have formed a special arrangement with mousehouse electronics to bundle the mousehouse se software and cable with x10's award winning activehome kit
$ 69.99
FireCracker Lighting Control 4 Piece Kit
4-pack firecracker automation system: control your lights and appliances directly from your pc or wireless remote -- anywhere in your house!
$ 39.99
Outdoor Motion Detector
Pass by the motion sensor and your lights go on! better yet, you can have the motion detector activate robo-dog (dk9000) to bark when there is motion. great for outdoors! weather resistant! can also be used to turn on lights at dusk and off at dawn.
$ 29.99 is a wide market specialised in advanced surveillance and home automation technologies. At, we have solutions for all your problems related to security and all your home automation. Monitor your home through cameras that transmit over the internet! Check on everything and put your mind to rest while you're away. offers the best products and best services with best prices.
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