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Ruger Security 9 Magazine 2 Pack

This is a 2 pack of ruger security 9 compact pistol magazine with 10-round capacity. The magazine has a black anodized aluminum body and a black anodized aluminum top. The magazine isression is made from durable hard anodized aluminum and it contains 10.

Ruger Security 9 Mags

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Ruger Security 9 Magazine

This ruger security 9 magazine has 10 rounds per box. It is a 90685 product. It is made of durable materials that will provide years of use for your revolver. This magazine has a single stack design that makes it easy to read. It is made of plastic, but it will not cause any problems with your gun. It is also simple to zero in on. The 10 round magazine has a black finish that will look good in any room in your home. this 2-pack of ruger security 9 magazines has 9 rounds of the 10mm cartridge. It includes 10 rounds of the 9mm cartridge. This set is of course compatible with the ruger security 9. this two pack of magazine holders for the ruger security 9 handgun is perfect for carrying your guns in style! Each holder is made of durable plastic and has a red and black color scheme to match the model number on the front, making it look like it is from the popular firearms manufacturer. These mag holders are also comfortable to wear, making it easy to use and perfect for anyone looking for a stylish carry case. this 2-pack of rifle security 9 magazine has the new sig p365l security9 style turkey marbling was designed for the everyday carry user. This set includes a 90686 security9 pistol magazine and provides plenty of space to carry anyarms size.